Producer Joe Chiccarelli (Jason Mraz, White Stripes, Manchester Orchestra, Morrissey)

"In working with Johnny at Mix With The Masters It’s apparent to me he is a singular recording artist/songwriter and producer. He has a unique artistic vision and is capable of many different styles of music. I was very impressed with our collaboration“

Mixer Michael H Brauer (Coldplay, John Mayer, Stars, Copeland)

"Johnny spent a week with me at the MWTM seminar I teach. It's not a lot of time to get to know someone or their work but what I did see was his love for getting the best from his own work and those he produces. He came to MWTM to improve his skills both technical and social and I think he soaked it all up really well. He's got some serious positive energy around him and that means everything to an artist when you're basically stuck in a room with the same guy for 14 hours a day for weeks on end."

Rosanne Baker Thornley

"Johnny is an invaluable part of the team. He truly has a great sense of how to bring out the best in the song and also has a amazing grasp on how to get a great vocal. Whether it's a song for just North and I, or, for the many artists we work with, Johnny consistently offers up an unexpected element / sound / dimension that gives each song a unique quality that has it standing apart. We're up to quite a few songs with Johnny - and are looking forward to the next songs ahead of us."

North Easton

"I can honestly say, I have worked with a great deal of producers over the years, but Johnny Simmen has an incredible ease behind the board, a magnificent grasp on the dynamics of what is needed in a song and what is not. Working with him on my current album was an absolute pleasure and i'm looking forward to new songs in the not so distant future."

Birds Of Bellwoods

"Really the simplest way to put it is this: Johnny Simmen showed us the full potential of our music. In every role he played, he brought our songs further than we could have anticipated, and we became better musicians and creators for it. As a musician he is both intuitive and talented, bringing nuance and passion to each song he features on. As a composer, he is patient and ruthless: a partner who both supports and challenges. As an engineer and a mixer he is efficient, creative, and obsessive (in all the right ways), not afraid to explore but always in service of the artist's goal. Johnny delivered a product that we are proud to share, and best of all, he's an absolute blast to hang out with. We're looking forward to working with him a whole lot more in the future. Hell, book him now before we steal him from you."

Dan Sadowski - The Little Black Dress

"Johnny Simmen wants the best of you, and he will get it, I promise.  He is a musician first - a creative mastermind - and an incredibly attentive, learned, well-versed producer and engineer.  He hears things in your music that you don't even know are there, and he will breathe life into any track, any melody, any rhythm.  He is my secret weapon and an integral part of any recording I pursue."

Jessica Verner - All Those Who Wander

“Johnny is the type of producer that transforms an idea into a reality. His exceptional ear for mixing and musical approach combined with his passion for holding the highest level of excellence over his work, makes him irreplaceable. I cannot thank him enough for all he has done in order to bring my project to life.”

Allan Crooc - Royals

"Johnny Simmen has this energy about him that will naturally break your walls down. He’s someone who will take the time to sit down with you to truly understand the vision you have as a creative artist. 
Working with him was an incredible experience. His extensive knowledge in crafting the best piece of music has you sitting there, jaw dropped, wanting to learn everything he knows. He allows you to strive for greatness by encouraging you to keep your mind open and to be nobody else but yourself. Every time that red button gets pressed, you’re giving it your all. And by the time you leave the studio, you yourself are amazed at what you can achieve as a songwriter."

Maddy Rodriguez

“Johnny is one of the smartest, most talented, most intuitive musicians I have ever met. I started recording my songs with him at his studio 5 years ago. At the time he was only 20 years old and was already producing tracks that impressed the music industry veterans I was meeting and working with (such as producer Greig Nori). When we work on a song together, it's always collaborative. He's really great at listening to my ideas and opinions - my vision of "my sound". And then every time I get to hear a mix, he surprises me with a final product that's better than I had envisioned it! ... Johnny can play a ton of instruments, and is also an incredibly skilled engineer. He can do it all. But my favourite part about working with Johnny is that he really cares about making great music. He doesn't just press record. He treats every project like it's his own baby. No matter who he's working with or what style of song he's recording, he puts his heart and soul into it.”

Marcus Schwan - Fox Trail

"I have worked with Johnny on three separate occasions over the past 5 years, each one as valuable as the first. Johnny is an incredibly talented producer and a pleasure to work with in the studio. He is so accommodating and has always made myself and my bandmates feel comfortable. What has kept me coming back to work with Johnny is his care for the music you bring to him, he has a deep appreciation of your music and sincerely wants to provide the tools to achieve an outstanding recording. As a songwriter and musician himself, he knows the delicacy that comes with bringing material into a studio. Johnny is able to align the vision you have for your track while simultaneously providing a producers point of view in order to dramatically enhance the material. His work speaks for itself but I would highly recommend Johnny and his expertise to any musician who is looking to take their career to the next level." 

Tim Kuras

“It’s nice to be able to record with one of my closest friends. Johnny has a phenomenal work ethic and I think that’s something that should be applauded in this day and age. He's always envisioned my songs the way I envision them. He never takes my songs and makes it his own - he sees who I am, what I like and what I do and runs with that concept. That’s something that I think is really amazing because he’s not a man that plays country and folk music but he took something that I really love and believe in and put a lot of heart into it. He made it into something beautiful. He took my ideas and he made them come to life.”